Una mossa strategica per le aziende

Scopri il ruolo di Openthesis nei processi di ricerca e sviluppo, HR e Employer Branding nelle Università della tua azienda!

Start your journey into Open Innovation

By offering a prize to the best project, companies can ensure a vast number of detailed results with a fixed budget.

Businesses can accurately evaluate the student's soft skills, work approach, problem solving and time management. 

OpenThesis companies will improve the student's perceived image of the brand with various employer branding advantages.

Optimized research & development

Quality standard

The university professor will ensure the student's project quality.

Result plurality

The company will receive multiple studies for each published challenge at a previously disclosed price.

Human Resources Management

Businesses will have the opportunity to follow students closely, teaching them soft skills, problem solving and time management. Every winning student will be accepted into the OpenThesis Academy, where they can receive endless opportunities.

Employer Branding

Proximity to students

Businesses that will offer students a useful open innovation service will see an improvement in their perceived image in return.

University Connection

OpenThesis will allow your company's name to travel through universities, opening a whole world of possibilities. 

Our unmatched features

Call for ideas
In depth project
Project Quality
Pricing Decided Before Hand
Accurate Student Selection
Dedication to the Challenge
Unbiased Evaluation
Openthesis Academy
Online Workdesk
HR Process
University Connections

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